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Ice Age 3 beats the Mighty Transformers!!

Ice Age 3 did what most people thought would never happen. It beat out Transformers 2. An estimated 13.8 million dollars showing on 3993 theaters. Was the top grossing movie on Wednesday . Transformers did 10.9 million dollars . Well I know this is only for one day but this does show you the power of Kids that drag there parents to movies. I am sure the PG rating didn't hurt the movie either. We will find out the true champ on Monday. In other note Michael Mann's Crime drama Public Enemies open also the same day as Ice Age. The movie made 8.2 million dollars on an estimated 3,319 theaters.

Panels u Do Not want to miss at San Diego Comic Con 2009 Wednesday, July 1, 2009 James Cameron's Avatar Banner for San Diego Comic Con 2009 The First

Here is a list from scifiwire off the 11 panels you should not miss. I know that I am very excited to see the James Cameron's Avatar panel. Which should be in 3D. Also I am really excited to see the New show that ABC is remaking V the show that I grew up watching and loved. The show will not hit the air until Jan 2010. But they will be showing the pilot On Sat July 25th in Hall H. Trust me I will be in line for that one. Also I am Really excited to see The Wachowski Brother's Ninja Assassin. Let's just hope it better then Speed Racer. What a BAD movie.

James Cameron's Avatar Banner for San Diego Comic Con 2009

The First pictures of James Cameron's Avatar San Diego Comic Con Banner. Thanks to . We were able to get the first pictures of the banner.These banner's are spread threw out the town near the San Diego Convention Center. Warner Brothers has already confirmed that Hall H will be converted into 3D for many of their panels this year. Which Suggest that we may get some footage from Fox's Avatar. I am sure this guarantees some kind of footage from the movie

Zach Levi from NBC Chuck signing @ Comic Con

Zach Levi from NBC hit show will be at The San Diego Comic Con this year signing autographs at the Official Pix booth on Thursday and Friday. This is your chance to meet this funny guy in person and get some one on one time with him. Chuck the show will also be having a panel on Sat from 10-11. If you have never been to a Chuck panel you should defiantly make your way out to it

Twilight Eclipse to begin filming soon

Twilight Eclipse is set to begin filming in August 17th till October 31st of this year at Vancouver Film Studio in Canada.

Heroes Season Four. Who's going to be the Killer?

With Heroes season 4 filming now. Hayden Panettiere was in Santa Monica this weekend promoting her new movie I Love you, Beth Copper. She gave a little insight to season 4. From There was news that Heroes would not be having a panel at San Diego Comic Con this year. Which Really made me upset. I really enjoyed last years panel. But it looks like things might have changed. They will not be having there normal Hall H panel but a smaller panel . NBC will have a preview of season 4 and Tim Kring and a few of the cast will be there.

WATCHMAN Blu-Ray-Maximum Movie Mode

If you don't have a Blu-Ray player now you better go out and get one before July 21st. That is the day that the WATCHMAN Director's Cut come out. It comes with a feature call Maximum Movie Mode.( Here is a preview of what that is all about from JoBlo . ) And WOW is all I have to say. I have always watched the extra's on DVD's And Blu-Rays. But shit this looks AWESOME!! Gives you indepth look at the film and the thought process behind making the movie. Zak Snyder will be at Comic Con this year doing a BLue-Ray showing of the movie.