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Mickey Rourke Talks Genghis Khan Biopic

Mickey Rourke Talks Genghis Khan Biopic We got word that  Mickey Rourke will be starring in a Genghis Khan biopic, written and directed by "Apocalypse Now" writer John Milius. "It is [an epic movie]," Rourke said, "but because Milius is a really terrific writer, it's not your stereotypical blood and swords. It's almost done on a-- not quite a documentary historical background of the whole Mongol reign, but there's a lot of humor in it that you wouldn't expect." "I like the part where he has-- they use dogs in battle, these big dogs," the actor explained. "And then, on one particular battle, [Khan] didn't think they were going to be doing too good. So he said 'Leave the dogs behind.' I like that." Please Leave A Comment- Source- MTV