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Mattel Exclusive Comic-Con 2010

Mattel Collectibles Exclusive For Comic-Con 2010 If you have ever been to Comic-Con then you know how crazy it gets, when you try to get your hand on Exclusive items from all the different booths. This year will be no different. G4 got the first look at the exclusives that Mattel will be offing this year. * Masters of the Universe Classics Skeletor and Mo-Larr from the Robot Chicken sketch – we saw this set at Mattel’s collector event at Toy Fair. Skeletor is missing a tooth, like he is at the end of the sketch. * Masters of the Universe Classics Orko – comes with a Prince Adam “accessory.” Adam, a fully-articulated figure, was positioned in the package sideways below Orko, obscured partially by standard packaging. When you dip Orko in hot water, he turns transparent and “disappears.” When you dip his spellbook in hot water, the SDCC logo appears. I imagine the SDCC logo is exclusive to the version that will be sold at SDCC, but I’m not sure if Orko’s disappearing act is