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Review: Cinemark Arden 14 Theaters

Cinemark tears down to rebuild an pseudo-elegant experience that's missing something. Review by Matt Cummings Regardless of where you live, it's clear that a renaissance is happening in theaters across the country. Hungry to lure moviegoers from their hi-def platforms at home, theater chains in the Sacramento region have been stepping up their games with more than just better food and adult beverages. Those standards now meet up with reserved seating, reclining leather chairs, and fewer seats to make the experience more exclusive. For the rebuilt Cinemark Arden 14 Theater, it's a lot of both, with most done very well. But something was missing from our recent visit, and we're not quite sure what to think of it. Situated on the old grounds of The Century Stadium 14 Theater, Cinemark Arden has ditched the domes for a corner building situated in the back corner of the property. Essentially, you're sitting where you used to park. Encased in an appealin