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Movie Review: 'Magic Mike XXL'

The gyrations behind Magic Mike XXL will keep you entertained, but will the dialogue? Review by Matt Cummings If the 2013's Magic Mike pondered the power of the pelvis, Producer Stephen Soderberg's followup Magic Mike XXL tries to go deeper...into the story behind male stripping. That effort doesn't always click, until said activity starts. Set three years after the original, Mike (Channing Tatum) has opened his furniture-making business and is busy crafting and delivering his unique items to happy clients. But when he learns that the remaining Kings of Tampa are planning to retire, Mike sets out with them for one last blow-out at a Myrtle Beach convention. But they're going to need help, so they enlist Mike's former fling Rome (Jada Pinkett Smith), her mentor (Elizabeth Banks), and the enigmatic Zoe (Amber Heard) to pull of the performance of a lifetime in front of hungry female fans. XXL is at its most casual - and fun - when the boys are do