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Movie Review: 'The Barber'

The slow-burn thriller The Barber does its job, even if you've never ever heard of it. Review by Matt Cummings In Director Basel Owies' The Barber , the serial killer Eugene (Scott Glenn) has hid from the police for two decades after a string of brutal murders were initially tied to him. Having outwitted the police, Eugene has settled in to the quiet town Moraine as the local barber. But when the drifter John (Chris Coy) appears to get lessons from the now-senior citizen, Eugene must decide if he's worthy to be let in to his exclusive murder club. Let's be clear: The Barber doesn't do anything new, settling instead on the plot of 'murderer next door.' But that doesn't mean first-timer Owies and Cinematographer Allen Liu squander the small budget with cheap thrills or over-the-top performances. The Barber is a slow burn and Owies knows this, centering instead on character development and snappy dialogue from Writer Max Enscoe's s