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"Alpha Dog" Gets Sentenced To Life

"Alpha Dog" Gets Sentenced To Life The man who inspired the movie "Alpha Dog" was sentenced to life in prison without parole. Jesse James Hollywood, who was portrayed by Emile Hirsch, was sentenced on February 5th for the crime he committed 10 years ago. The killing of Nicholas Markowitz in California. If you have never seen this movie, go out and rent it. I was in awe about this whole story. It was just so interesting and complicated. The film also star Justin Timberlake, Bruce Willis and Anton Yelchin (Star Trek) I was living in Santa Barbara during this time and had heard only a little about it. Once I saw the movie I was captured by the story and the news that followed. During filming, Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney Ronald J. Zonen provided copies of many documents on the case and served as an unpaid consultant to the film, citing his desire to have Hollywood captured. Zonen prosecuted Hollywood’s co-defendants and was poised to prosecute Hollywoo

Hamlet a Horror Film? That's What Emile Hirsch Wants

Hamlet a Horror Film? That's What Emile Hirsch Wants saw My First Emile Hirsch movie which was The Girl Next Dog . And really liked what I saw. Then when I saw the movie Alpha Dog . I became a true fan, But when he decide to do Speed Racer . Holy Shit what a BAD movie that was! I couldn't even make it threw the entire movie.Did a Great Job in the Movie Milk also staring Sean Penn . Word has spread that Speed Racer's Emile Hirsch will join Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke for an adaptation of Shakespeare's Hamlet, and now the star tells us that his brooding hero will be more Cobain than Dane, with ghosts. "We want to make it like a horror, scary-movie Hamlet ," Hirsch said. "Like a supernatural with like a mystical bent to it, set in college and following these cool characters. It's all in Shakespeare verse, so it's going to be kind of like the cool, darker answer to Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet . We're making Hamlet a musician