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Maya Rudolph & Terry Crews Join The Willoughbys

THR is reporting Maya Rudolph and Terry Crews have joined the voice cast of animated feature The Willoughbys , along with Martin Short, Jane Krakowski and Sean Cullen . The newcomers join previously announced star and producer Ricky Gervais , who will narrate the Bron Studios animation that is based on the popular children's book by The Giver author Lois Lowry. The Willoughbys follows four kids — Tim, Jane and the twins — after they are abandoned by their selfish parents and embark on a wild adventure into the world, where they find a new modern family of their own. Short and Krakowski will voice Father and Mother Willoughby, parents so in love with each other they forget they even have children, while Rudolph will be the voice of the kindly Nanny, and Crews will play the candy mogul, Commandor Melanoff. Cullen will voice Willoughby twin boys, Barnaby A and B. Aardman and Sony grad Kris Pearn adapted and will direct the feature with co-director Cory Evans. Brenda Gi

Movie Review: #Pixels

The video game invasion of Pixels is easily Game Over. Review by Matt Cummings It's official: Adam Sandler is The Worst Well-Known Actor Alive. With a resume of infamy that includes the gross ( I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry ), the totally inappropriate ( That's My Boy ), and the plain boring ( Grown Ups 2 ), the SNL alum seems far away from the heady days of Happy Gilmore . His newest travesty Pixels is much like the rest: filled with promise but utterly devoid of results. When video game masters Brenner (Sandler), Chewie (Kevin James), and the socially awkward Ludlow (Josh Gad) compete in a local competition, they are bested by the showboat Eddie (Peter Dinklage). Fast-forward 30 years and the foursome are reunited when an alien force invades Earth after receiving a space capsule filled with transmissions of various 80's games that they dominated so well. Together with Chewie now as President of the United States, they are joined by Lt. Colonel V