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Brothers Review By Chocolate Thunder

Brothers Movie Review Review By:Chocolate Thunder Looks Like The Thunder came down on this film, By SandwichJohnFilm's Residential Film Reviewer. Ouch. In the review there are spoilers so if you plan on attending this film u have been Warned So its been a while since I graced a movie seat with my chocolate tail. A young lady and I decided to go see the movie "Brothers", what a mistake. This movie was supposed to be about a loving husband who was presumed to be dead and his out of prison, alcoholic brother steps up and helps out the family. In doing so he and his sister in law start a romance. Did that happen in the movie, well not really. If you really want to see this movie; don't read on. There are a whole lot of mis steps in this movie. The movie starts out okay where they paint the picture of 30 year old Marine Captain Cahill. Here is my first question. Can you really be about 30 and be Captain? I haven't served anytime in the mili