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Spike TV Red Carpet Exclusive Interviews Part One

Spike TV Red Carpet Exclusive Interviews Part One I got the pleasure to interview Sully Erna from the Kick Ass Rock Band Godsmack I got a hold of Sully and asked him the most important question " What's Your Favorite Sandwich " It's got to be a steak cheese mushroom and onion sandwich,nasty greasy unhealthy sandwich, I usually eat healthy but when you have a few drinks in you nothing beats grease. I asked him what's been going on with the band He let me know that I look like one of his bus drivers, while he was on tour. I played along with it. Random but O.K. We had a few laughs about this, now onto the answer to the question above Working on a new record that comes out in April,released single a few months ago and went number one in country, just got of the crew fest and just working our ass off on this new album and then launch a world tour and crush it again. Next up Zack Ward From Such shows as Titus,Dollhouse,and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles