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Movie Soundtrack Review: Black Sea

Ilan Eshkeri's dark and brooding score goes deep into the human psyche. Review by Matt Cummings Soundtrack music sets the emotional tone of a film, either adding to or taking away the effect which the director is trying to establish. It follows that many times, a good movie can get ruined by a bad score and a decent movie can vbe elevated by a good one. For Kevin Macdonald's Black Sea , Composer Ilan Eshkeri's dark and brooding score elevates the film by complimenting its desperate tone. When the former submarine driver Robinson (Jude Law) loses his job at the company, he signs on with a shadowy investor and to liberate a German U-boat loaded with 4 tons of WWII-era gold. Seeking redemption and a final shot at respectability, Robinson hires a group of tough-minded men for his crew, including the psychotic Fraser (Ben Mendelsohn) and the newbie Tobin (Bobby Schofield). Although Robinson has promised his men an equal cut of the profits, greed and murder are never