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Jerry Bruckheimer To Make "Alien Legion" Into A Film

Jerry Bruckheimer To Make "Alien Legion" Into A Film Looks like Comic Books Made into Films is not near it's end yet. Launched in 1984 as the pet project of series creator Carl Potts, Alien Legion has developed a cult following over the years. The series redefined the military science-fiction genre, telling tales of war and space exploration through the eyes of a rough-and-tumble intergalactic foreign legion. Imagine a much grittier Star Trek blended with The Dirty Dozen and Kelly's Heroes . Its popularity is evidenced by it being the longest continuously running series in the history of 1980s Marvel imprint Epic Comics. Alien Legion will soon find its way to the big screen, as well. " Alien Legion has been optioned for some time," Potts confirms. "The script is currently in its third rewrite." In a recent interview with film fan-site, Derek Haas revealed that he and writing partner Michael Brandt ( Wanted , 3:10 to Yuma ) are r