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Comic-Con Might Be Moving To Anaheim?

Comic-Con Might Be Moving To Anaheim? I been going to Comic-Con the past few years as a fan and I have really enjoyed the city and all it has to offer. Met some really cool people and saw some amazing stuff. Something I look forward to every year. If it did go to Anaheim I could add a stop to the Happiest Place on earth Disneyland, and I am sure that the prices of hotel in Anaheim would be much cheaper then San Diego. And it would be easier to access other attraction around the area like Hollywood and Los Angeles. Wherever they decide to hold Comic-Con I will be there. The city of Anaheim is trying to lure the annual comic book and sci-fi convention called Comic-Con from its home in San Diego. Anaheim officials confirmed this week that they have submitted a proposal to Comic-Con board members to host the event at the Anaheim Convention Center in 2013. With Comic-Con being such a bust to the economy of San Diego I would be surprised they would let it go with out a fight. Internal survey