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PENNY DREADFUL Season 2 Trailer

PENNY DREADFUL season 2. trailer has arrived. Season 2 premieres 2015. An erotically-charged, profoundly unsettling new saga, PENNY DREADFUL completely reinvents literature’s most iconic and terrifying characters. Dorian Gray, Victor Frankenstein and timeless figures from Dracula join a core of original characters in a dark and brutal quest to save a soul — even as they grapple with their own monstrous temptations. Please Leave A Comment-

TV Review: Penny Dreadful "Demimonde"

TV Review: Penny Dreadful "Demimonde" By: Sue Dorian is hosting quite the kinky little party. Most of the guests are in some form of undress. He sits watching everyone around him have sex with a man by his side and a woman at his feet. The man kisses down his chest, but he cannot be more uninterested as he looks at the painting around. With a cleared out house, and an open chest bearing robe he takes a candelabra and heads through a hidden passage. Down a mirrored hallway to a single life sized portrait, his own. He looks upon it, sitting before it. Vanessa sits outside of a church. A little girl asks her why she doesn’t go in. She thinks that Vanessa wishes to go in by the way that she looks at it, reminding her that its only an odd church. The little girl prattles on, and asks if Vanessa has a sweetie. Vanessa does not. She tells her that her father put her mother into the ground, but that they don’t stay there. Her musings worry Vanessa for a moment, but the g

TV Recap: Penny Dreadful "Resurrection"

TV Recap: Penny Dreadful "Resurrection" By: Sue The Intro to Penny Dreadful seems longer this week, and it’s still a thing of absolute horror and beauty, the two perfectly entwined. A young boy looks at daffodils, he looks like a young Dr. Frankenstein as he walks through them, thinking about all that he has seen and cannot unsee. It is young Victor, he’s found his dog already dead and being eaten by maggots. He ponders death, and if it is truly the ending of things. His mother thinks perhaps it is the beginning of something else as she tucks him into his bed. They will both miss his dog they lament, and she coughs blood all over his poor little frightened face. Consumption sucks. The maids rush about to help her, and Victor wonders if his mother will die. Death is not serene he notes as she struggles in its throes. Soon after she’s buried, and so Victor’s love affair with death and understanding it begins. Now, Victor’s first born has returned. His first monster has

TV Recap: Penny Dreadful "Séance" By: Sue

TV Recap: Penny Dreadful "Séance" By: Sue A pretty girl tries to get warm, she’s obviously going to be tonight’s first victim. Fear oozes off her, as she listens to the clanking of the man lighting the lanterns. He’s suddenly quieted as he’s snatched, and the whore is about to go down. Down she goes, but she doesn’t drop her apple. Ethan awakens a little rough for the wear near the docs. His hand has a bite mark. He pulls himself together and shambles to the pub. He asks for some whisky, and luckily he has the cash to pay for it. Frankenstein sits with his monster, and finds that he should be named. He thinks to let the monster chose his own name, and he grabs a Shakespeare volume. Flipping through the pages he chooses Proteus, from The Two Gentlemen of Verona. Frankenstein leaves Proteus to go make some money, promising to return soon, but the monster mourns his creators absence. Bronta stumbles downstairs. She pours herself a drink from Ethan’s bottle as a w

TV Review: Penny Dreadful "Night Work"

TV Review: Penny Dreadful "Night Work" By: Sue The title refers to the penny dreadfuls, a type of 19th century cheap British fiction publication with lurid and sensational subject matter. The pilot has been airing on Showtime all week, and let’s see just how good it is, personally I cannot wait to see Dorian Gray, his character is a favorite of mine, but its doubtful he'll show up in the first episode. A child sleeps, and a woman slips out of bed quietly so that she doesn’t wake the child. She lights a lantern, heading down the hall to the loo. Something flutters against the window. It breaks through the window, and takes the woman. The child awakens looking for her mother; she walks to the bathroom, and sees something horrible, screaming. The first glimpse of the into is full of spiders, monsters, spilled blood and bats. In other words it looks fantastically dark. Vanessa prays in another language as a spider crawls down Christ’s crucified body. The spide