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Blu-ray Review: Joshy

Indie film is slim but not sans charm. Review by Brandon Wolfe When Josh (Thomas Middleditch, not straying far from Silicon Valley ) arrives home from the gym on a wholly unremarkable day, he is confronted with the self-asphyxiated body of his lovely fiancé Rachel ( Community ’s Alison Brie), hanging by a belt from the doorknob. Rachel, whom we met briefly just moments earlier cooking dinner while not looking the faintest bit troubled, has abruptly chosen to end her life, leaving behind no indication of what it was that made her do it. Josh is stunned. Who wouldn’t be? This is the jarring way that Joshy announces itself. What seems in its opening moments to be a lightweight indie vehicle starring a couple of familiar faces from televised comedy goes in for the kill so viscerally and unexpectedly that it’s more than a little disorienting. But Rachel’s startling demise is first of not too many surprises that Joshy will ultimately spring on us, as it wastes little time tr