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TV Recap: The Originals "The Devil Is Damned"

TV Recap: The Originals "The Devil Is Damned" By: Suepafly It's a new day in the city,and Finn is up to plenty of tricks. He's sure that the baby is alive, and he intends to find her. Her tries his best spell, but everything goes up in flames. He has nothing. Freya walks in through the door, but Finn doesn't recognize her. She admits that they both look a little different. He wants to know who she is, before he gets a little aggressive with her. She remembers when they were kids, and they played, and Finn can't believe that its Freya. Freya is happy that he remembers her, and embraces him, but she's got something plotted. Rebekah looks over her portrait. She still thinks it looks off, her chin was more delicate. Klaus points out that there is nothing delicate about her. Elijah tries to get the pair back on track through the phone about their long lost sister Freya. Rebekah doesn't have much more since Freya revealed herself and then darted off