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Arnold Schwarzenegger Documentary Coming Soon

New Arnold Schwarzenegger Documentary Coming Soon We get word today from the guys over at the TheArnoldFans that there maybe a new Arnold Schwarzenegger Documentary coming out very soon. They got an exclusive interview with the director of both Pumping Iron films, George Butler , and during their long chat, they learn that this film maker will at last complete his trilogy. TheArnoldFans made sure to get every possible detail we could from the pre-production conceptual development that Mr. Butler has in mind. Although I learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself purchased and owns all the rights to the original Pumping Iron film and all the out-takes, George Butler has other ideas how another film can still be made. Here is a few of the highlights from their interview with Mr. Butler to read the rest of the story Gooooo visit the Balliest Arnold Fan Site in the WORLD Here . Pumping Iron TheArnoldFans: George, even though Arnold now owns all the original Pumping Iron footag