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TV Review: Z Nation “Puppies & Kittens” (Pilot)

TV Review: Z Nation “Puppies & Kittens” (Pilot) By: Brandon Wolfe Given ‘ The Walking Dead’s ’ present status as the most popular series in all of television, it was bound to spawn some imitators sooner or later. The only surprise is that it’s taken this long for a true rip-off to emerge. ‘ Z Nation ’ is the SyFy Channel’s spare-every-expense answer to the AMC phenomenon. Spearheaded by The Asylum, the brain-trust behind the ‘Sharknado’ films, ‘Z Nation’ also centers around a world plunged into a zombie apocalypse and the survivors struggling to get by. ‘The Walking Dead’ has a lot of problems as a series, many critical and seemingly in no great hurry to be resolved. After sampling ‘Z Nation,’ these problems maybe don’t seem so bad. The ways in which ‘Z Nation’ is similar to ‘The Walking Dead’ are so myriad that it will be easier to delve into the handful of ways in which the two shows differ. The greatest difference is that ‘Z Nation’ plugs us into the grander schem