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Tron Legacy Encom Press Conference At Wonder Con

Encom Press Conference At Wonder Con This was the event that I went down on Friday to Wonder Con for.  The sole purpose of my trip that day was to experience this event first hand and not have to read about it somewhere else. We all knew that the Newly-minted Executive Consultant Alan Bradley was going to introduce the latest addition to the Encom International product library on April 2 in San Francisco. But before that there was a secret meeting by the group that runs Flynn Lives which I attended.  They explained how they were going to over take the press conference and demanded that Encom re-instate the search for Kevin Flynn. During the press conference Alan Bradley came out to a crowd of cheering fans, he also brought out Lora Baines, who you all should now from the original Tron film is played by Cindy Morgan. After a quick kiss and a thank you Alan goes back on with his speech. He let the crowd know that Encom would be re-releasing Space Paranoids, and that the 15 unre

Secret Flynn Lives Meeting On Friday Night

Secret Flynn Lives Meeting On Friday Night It is only two days away from Encomn International Press Conference At Wonder Con, the event will be held by Alan Bradley at Justin Herman Plaza this Friday night at 8PM. But before you attend that conference we got news of a small team of "Flynn Lives" supporters will be trying to make some noise before and during the press conference. If you want to lend a hand to the "Flynn Lives" supporters then I have some exciting news for you. The Flynn Lives group is organizing what they're calling an "awareness campaign" and have announced a secret meet-up before the event for any and all Flynn supporters in the Grand Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency from 6:15PM to 7:45PM this Friday. The good guys over at firstshowing discovered something on the Flynn Lives discussion forums: "An old friend of mine hooked us up with a meeting spot right next to the event. We've got the Grand Ballroom at the Hyatt R