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Super Bowl XLVI Movie Trailer Round Up

This year’s crop of Super Bowl advertising for 2012's upcoming blockbusters followed the seemingly standard pattern of recent years: more and more are either getting teased in increasingly tiny chunks days before the match itself and some, like the G.I. Joe: Retaliation trailer , are online in full before a single touchdown has been scored. But even with the early sneak peeks, a few actually debuted on the day itself, so we thought we’d slap them together into one big list and take a look to see how effective they were. First up, The Avengers . It's had plenty of exposure, and, yes, we’ve seen a lot of this material already, but this nifty spot assembles what it has to work with efficiently and will get your blood up. It’s obviously a bonus when you’ve got a charismatic ensemble led by Robert Downey Jr , but director Joss Whedon also has plenty of set-piece eye-candy to help up the wow factor. Got to love that shot of the team together in New York, presenting The Hulk as just

Transformers BumbleBee Nike Shoes for sale

Transformer BumbleBee Nike Shoes for sale If you ever wanted a one of a kind shoe then this is your place to buy them. It's Called rmkstore . And if your a shoe freak like I am. This store is like Heaven. Here is a special make up that Nike did for the Transformers 2 Movie. A pair of shoes they call the Nike Zoom FP Transformers II Pack Bumblebee . Better go get them while you can. This is one of the few stores online that sell Special Make up shoes. The store had in stock the New GI Joe shoes that Nike Made. They are sold out. But I was able to get a few Pictures of the shoes. One thing I am glad of. They don't make the shoes in my size. Check out the site for Hard to find shoes and Special Make ups. rmkstore

Meet the lovely ladies of GI Joe

Meet the lovely ladies of GI Joe Female characters in military-action-fantasy films are often second-class citizens, reduced to serving as eye candy and standing on the sidelines while the guys handle the heroics and/or the villainy, but that ain't the case with G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Yes, the guys figure prominently, but the ladies are the guys' equals in every way. What are we talking about here? Well, in the movie, which opens Friday, Sienna Miller (Stardust) plays Ana, better known as the butt-kicking, duplicitous baddie the Baroness. Rachel Nichols (Star Trek, Alias) is one of the protagonists, Scarlett, who's both book-brilliant and a martial-arts master. They fight everyone and anyone and, of course, each other. "That's what really appealed to me about the script, was the fact these women hold their own," Miller said in an exclusive joint interview with Nichols on Saturday in New York.

New GI Joe Trailer. Looking Better

I can tell you one thing they are doing a great job with the previews to the movie. And the Posters aren't that bad either. I am still up in the air with this movie. From what I have seen so far Not sure. But with the new trailer they are Winning me over.Trust me I am still going to go see the movie. Good or bad reviews doesn't matter. Maybe going into the movie with the low expectations, the movie will be better then I think it is going to be. I am very much looking forward to seeing Snake Eyes in action. He is being played by Ray Park . And looks pretty kick ass. One thing on my mind is. No GI Joe presence at Comic Con this year? You would think they would be there. You would think they would need to build up the Hype for the movie. Maybe they will show up as a surprise. Check out the two new trailers of the movie. Enjoy The Movie is due out August 7, 2009

San Diego Comic Con schedule for Friday

They have updated us with the Friday Comic Con panel listing . And as most of you know that day is Star Wars Day !! It's a very big day for Star Wars, but also the Con. They are having some HUGE panels that day. Make sure u fill up your backpack with plenty of food since you will not be leaving your panel area all day. SO here are some of the highlights for that day. Again check back once they have announced the entire panel listing for. The most Ballsy Panel List that I will be putting to get here. If you would like to see the entire schedule please visit Friday 10:00-11:00 Star Wars Day: Hasbro— Derryl DePriest (Hasbro Global Marketing), Brian Parrish , Mark Boudreaux , Brian Merten, and Vickie Stratford (Hasbro Design), and Chad Donvito (Hasbro US Marketing) reveal what's in store for Star Wars for the remainder of 2009. Catch a special sneak peek into some 2010 secrets, too! Room 7AB 10:00-12:30 Warner Bros.— Join WB for a look at

San Diego Comic Con Panel is Announced for Wedenday and Thursday

Well finally put up the panel schedule for the con. I was hoping for the entire week. But it look like they are going to tease us with only giving up Wednesday- Preview night and Thursday. Looks like they will give us one day @ a time. DOUCHE!! Was hoping to plan out my whole week and fight with my wife to which panels we go to together. Later once we get all the days, I will compile the most Ballsy Panel List that you should not miss. So here are a few of the highlight panels that everyone will be trying to go to. Looks like I will be living in Hall H on Thursday Wednesday Preview Night - 6:00-9:00 Special Sneak Peek Pilot Screenings— Comic-Con and Warner Bros. Television proudly present exclusive pilot premiere screenings of some of the most buzzed-about new TV series of the 2009–2010 season— Human Target, V , and The Vampire Diaries —as well as an exclusive preview trailer for additional upcoming shows. Based upon the popular DC Comics title and starring Ma