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I Origins Review: Intelligent Message Gets Lost in Its Own Vanity

The bold but flawed Science Fiction drama I Origins strains under its own weight. I Origins suggests that while people possess an original and unreproducible set of eyes, those very same eyes and the memories it seizes can transfer to a yet-unborn person, once their original owner dies. For scientist Ian (Michael Pitt), proving otherwise has become a lifelong dream. Soon, he and research assistant Karen (Brit Marling) seek to prove that the eye is a product of slow, evolutionary change as opposed to its instant creation by some unknown force. The results make Ian famous, but not before a chance meeting with the mysterious Sofi (Astrid Bergès-Frisbey), whose eyes are among the most unique Ian has ever seen. After hooking up with Sofi, the two experience unimaginable tragedy, leaving Ian and Karen to continue their work. Now married and having produced a child, they realize the boy's eyes match those of another man whose recent death have gifted some of his memories to