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Netflix's Jupiter's Legacy Season 1 Review 'Is it worth the binge this weekend?'

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Locke Review: Bold Vision That Becomes Irritatingly Predictable

After a strong start, Locke becomes irritatingly predictable. We here at SJF are privileged to see so many mainstream films on an annual basis that when we get an actual arthouse, our pulse tends to quicken. Sometimes smaller productions, free of the harsh eye of studio execs, can yield wonderful fruit. Unfortunately, the one-man Locke doesn't satiate our appetite in the least, even though it's an interesting theoretical exercise. Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy) is facing a life's crossroads of conflicting priorities. A successful foreman whose fastidious nature has made him a success in office building construction, Ivan is pulled away from the largest concrete pour in England when he learns that his mistress is about to give birth in nearby London. As he speeds to her side, Ivan answers a series of phone calls from his livid boss (voiced by Ben Daniels), his soon-to-be ex (voiced by Ruth Wilson), and the expectant mother (voiced by Olivia Coleman). Ivan's 90-