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Pixar Memorabilia For Haiti Earthquake Victims

Toy Story 3 Director Lee Unkrich Auctioning Pixar Memorabilia For Haiti Earthquake Victims This is a once in a life time chance to get your hands on these one of a kind items and also to help a Great cause. Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich is personally auctioning a bunch of rare/exclusive Pixar memorabilia to benefit Haiti earthquake victims. There are a ton of items to many to list. Please visit his store for all of the items Ebay Store Here are the links: Tom Hanks signed Toy Story 3 Woody poster. Toy Story Mrs. Potato Head Figurine Signed by Estelle Harris Lee Unkrich’s personal Toy Story 2 Original Crew Jacket from 1999 Monsters, Inc. Director Crew Gift Jones Soda Signe d Tom Hanks Signed Vintage 1995 Toy Story Woody Doll Ebay Store Be sure to check his ebay store often, I am sure he will be updating threw out the week. Also check out his Twitter to check for updates Thanks to /films for the heads up

Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace Biopic Gets Director

Deep Throat star Linda Lovelace Biopic Gets Director Lovelace, born Linda Boreman in 1949, was a rather sad figure who led a rather sheltered childhood before falling in with Chuck Traynor, who became her husband and got her started in porn - by her account, at gunpoint. She went on to star in the massively famous Deep Throat , gaining notoriety as a result, but never saw much of the proceeds and went on to become a campaigner against the porn industry. She died following a car crash in 2002. This film has been in development for a while: W. Merritt Johnson, who's writing the script based on Eric Danville's biography, was working on it as far back as 2007, when Courtney Love was mooted as the star. It's not to be confused with Inferno, the other Lovelace biopic that briefly had Anna Faris lined up as its star. As far as we know, however, this won't be based on the Broadway musical about her. Please Leave A Comment- Source- Empire / Variety

Josh Duhamel And Sam Jackson Sympathy for the Devil

Josh Duhamel And Sam Jackson Sympathy for the Devil Lation Review found out that Samuel L. Jackson and Josh Duhamel have a new project in early pre-production. The film, Sympathy for the Devil, has all the makings of an occult, pulpy hit with Duhamel and Jackson playing humans who have to navigate a battle between heaven and hell. Boaz Yakin of is set to direct. Here's the official synopsis for Sympathy for the Devil: Caught in the no-man’s land between Saturday night sin and Sunday morning redemption, Louisiana lawman Harlan Stark (Josh Duhamel) finds that his intervention into a spectacular crime –the bold attempt to assassinate a charismatic preacher --soon escalates into a cosmic confrontation between Heaven and Hell, where angels are warriorsas dangerous as demons. Harlan and his loyal partner Jesse (Samuel L. Jackson)stand at the fulcrum between vengeful good and devious evil, with neither side showing anything like mercy. Harlan must find the courage to break the cycle,

"Remember Me" Starring Robert Pattinson Trailer And Pictures

"Remember Me" Starring Robert Pattinson Trailer And Pictures Definitely a change from his roles in the Twilight Sage films and I think that this is a good thing for him not to be stereo typed into the Edward role that made him into a world know Icon at the moment. For him to show that he can act will only be a good thing for his career, this Twilight hype will only last so long. Remember Me in HD Tyler Roth (Robert Pattinson), a "rebellious young man" in New York City has a strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) since his brother's suicide. Tyler finds happiness after meeting Ally Craig (Emilie de Ravin) through "an unusual twist of fate". Their bond helps them mend their lives and relationships with their families. Please Leave A Comment-

"Hobbit" Delayed Until Late 2012

"Hobbit" Delayed Until Late 2012 Looks like the film is being delayed yet again, studio said 2012 then Peter Jackson came out and said that those rumblings weren't true, that it would get the 2011 release date as planned. But here is the news from the studio and we are now back till 2012 Once the script for the second film is in -- Jackson and his longtime collaborators Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens are working on it with Del Toro -- New Line will work up a budget for both films and start casting. New Line exec Michael Disco, who was once Emmerich's assistant, will oversee for the studio. Horn won't predict when the first of the two "Hobbit" films will be out, but says the most probable scenario would be a release in the fourth quarter of 2012. Related News- Del Toro Updates Hobbit Info Please Leave A Comment- Source- Variety

Boondock Saints Fan Party in Los Angeles

Boondock Saints Fan Party in Los Angeles That's right you heard me correct. A party for the fans in LA on Wednesday January 27th. Party is being thrown to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original Boondock Saints release 10 years ago. This will be a star stud party with Stars of the film Being there. I mean the main stars not that guy behind the guy!! Here's the line up- Sean Patrick Flanery Norman Reedus David Della Rocco Clifton Collins Jr. Bob Marley Brian Mahoney Bob Rubin Daniel DeSanto ...with Writer/Director Troy Duffy ...and Special Surprise Guests! Watch the video that Troy Murphy(Writer/Director) Made to get you pumped for the event. FREE Posters to all attendees! Music by The Dirges, Ty Stone and Taylor Duffy and comedy by Bob Marley and Bob Rubin! WEDNESDAY JANUARY 27, 2010 7-12 midnight At BUSBY'S EAST 5364 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036 (323)525-2615 2 Drink Minimum - No Host Bar No One Under 21 Allowed Tickets are complimentary but you must RSVP FRE

Hollywood's Biggest Flops in The Last 5 Years

Hollywood's Biggest Flops in The Last 5 Years Sean Penn delivered "one of his greatest screen performances" as Willie Stark in " All the King's Men, " Nevertheless, the Sony Pictures film earned just $9 million at the worldwide boxoffice. Factor in its $55 million production budget and it amounts to Hollywood's biggest flop of the past five years, according to the prolific listmakers at Forbes magazine. After eliminating movies without star power, Forbes divided each movie's boxoffice take by its production budget to figure out the shortfall. "All the King's Men" failed to earn back 84% of its production budget, bad enough to earn it first place among flops. In second place is " The Express ," Universal's movie starring Dennis Quaid about late college football star Ernie Davis. The 2008 movie failed to earn back 75% of its production budget. Fox's 2005 film " Stay " was third, a movie that failed to earn back

Jacob's Arch-Rival Returns To "Lost"

Jacob's Arch-Rival Returns To "Lost" With "Lost" fans eager for answers in the final season of the ABC drama, at least one of the show's mystery may get resolved: Who is Jacob's nemesis? Titus Welliver, who played a mysterious character in Season 5, is set to reprise his role in the second part of "Lost's" sixth season, which premieres Feb. 2. Jacob's nemesis (aka Man in Black), who last appeared in Season 5's finale, is an inhabitant of the Island who had spent a century looking for ways to kill Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) until finally succeeding in 2007 by assuming the appearance of the dead John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) and persuading Benjamin Linus (Michael Emerson) to stab Jacob. The Man is Black's name, identity, motives, backstory and bone of contention with Jacob were never revealed, leading to a flurry of speculation among "Lost" fans about who he really is. A number of castaways will be returning to the island

Roman Polanski Must Face The Judge

Roman Polanski Must Face The Judge A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge has denied Roman Polanski's effort to be sentenced in absentia, which his lawyers saw as a possible avenue for him to resolve his 1977 sex case. Judge Peter Espinoza said on Friday that Polanski "needs to surrender" is he is to be sentenced in the case, and if there is to be a hearing on the directors' contention that now deceased Judge Laurence Rittenband engaged in judicial misconduct back then. Bart Dalton, one of Polanski's attorneys, said that they would seek a remedy from a state appeals court. Polanski is in Switzerland under house arrest, awaiting a decision from authorities there on whether he will be extradited. In a contentious and caustic hearing, the director's lead attorney, Chad Hummel, argued that Polanski already had served the time that Rittenband had promised --- some 42 days in a California prison where he underwent a psychiatric assessment. The length of his sentence wou

Conan the Barbarian Has Been Cast With An Unknown

Conan the Barbarian Has Been Cast With An Unknown Conan Has Been Cast And His Name Is Jason Momoa . Your thinking to yourself who is Jason Momoa,unless ur a fan of "Baywatch Hawaii" or "Stargate: Atlantis." Latino Review brought us this news that Momoa was chosen from a list of three considered actors; Jared Padalecki (TV's "Supernatural") and Kellan Lutz (Twilight) were the other contenders. Marcus Nispel,The man behind movies as Pathfinder and the Friday the 13th remake, which is set for a 2011 release. There will be one Conan for me and he is running the state of California right now, will he make an appearance? I haven't seen anything that Momoa has done so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Please Leave A Comment- Source- LatinoReview

Night At The Museum 3 In The Works

Night At The Museum 3 In The Works. This is strange Aurora and me just got back from the video store and rented Night At The Museum 2 and she said me if they were going to make a third film, and I get this news. No surprise to anyone with the first two movies being such a hug box office success,bring in more then $1billion worldwide. Thomas Lennon(Lieutenant Jim Dangle from Reno 911), who co-wrote the first two films with Ben Garant,suggested the third script is being written. “How could you not? I think it’s a really outstanding idea to do ‘Night at the Museum 3,’ “I wonder if someone’s not even already working on a script for that,” he added with a raised eyebrow. “I cannot confirm that for a fact, but I cannot deny it for a fact either… It might be in the works.” And with a smile on his face- “Here’s a little bit, [a] real quick spoiler alert – ‘Night at the Museum 3’ is set in the Liberace Museum,” Please Leave A Comment- Source- Accesshollywood

Gentle Giant Slave Leia Animated Maquette

Gentle Giant Slave Leia Animated Maquette Gentle Giant has out done it's self again. I just love the attention to detail and the time it take to make these awesome collectibles. But with a daughter named Leia, you know I have this one my wish list. The highly anticipated Slave Leia Animated Maquette is due out sometime in the summer 2010. Cast in High quality poly-stone, no detail was spared and I would expect nothing less from the guys over at Gentle Giant. Leia with come number and with a certificate of authenticity. The told piece being made are not yet set. Please Leave A Comment- Source- gentlegiant

Tron:Legacy Director Talks Film and Imax

Tron:Legacy Director Talks Film and Imax Joseph Kosinski Talks about Tron:Legacy and The film being in 3d and heading to Imax With principal photography on the film wrapped, the director is hard at work on the visual-effects work Disney is hoping will be unlike anything audiences have ever seen. Much of the work was done last year, but looking at 2010, does it feel like this is an important professional year for you? I'm about two and a half years in on this, with about another year still to go. We still have a tremendous amount of work still to do, because there are a lot of visual effects on a movie like this, and we're also doing it in 3-D, which doubles up everything. Then sound design and tweaking the music. It's not the home stretch by any means. Will the finished film look pretty much like what we've seen in that test footage from Comic-Con? I would say it's not far removed. The teaser, at least tonally, represented the direction I wanted to take it. That seq

Ryan Reynolds Stars In "Buried" To Premiere At Sundance

Ryan Reynolds Stars In "Buried" To Premiere At Sundance Ryan Reynolds has a new Film called "Buried" opening at The Sundance Film Festival this year.The movie looks very powerful. From the two previews below. A civil contractor working in Iraq, Paul Conroy, awakens buried alive in the desert with nothing but a candle, a knife and a cell phone.. Although he suffers from amnesia as to how he got there, he soon starts to remember what has happened to him. The film is directed by Rodrigo Cortes and stars Ryan Reynolds and Anne Lockhart. Please Leave A Comment-

Steven Spielberg Alien Invasion Drama Picked Up By TNT

Steven Spielberg Alien Invasion Drama Picked Up By TNT TNT has picked up the pilot for the new Steven Spielberg alien invasion drama starring Noah Wyle from E.R. The alien invasion project, written by Robert Rodat from an idea he conceived with Spielberg, is set shortly after aliens have wiped out most of the human population. Wyle plays the leader of a ragtag group of soldiers and civilians who struggle against the occupying alien force, with Moon Bloodgood, Jessy Schram, Seychelle Gabriel and Maxim Knight co-starring. DreamWorks TV is producing the project, with Spielberg, Rodat, Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank executive producing. Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR

"Torchwood” U.S. Version Coming To Fox

“Torchwood” U.S. Version Coming To Fox The project is from BBC Worldwide Prods., with original series creator Russell Davies writing the script. A more straight-faced spinoff of “Doctor Who,” “Torchwood” is about a covert group that investigates and fights alien activity. Two series aired domestically on BBC America as well as last year’s well reviewed stand-alone miniseries, “Children of Earth,” which broke all ratings records for the network. (If you're a fan of serious sci fi such as "Battlestar Galatica" and haven't seen "Children of Earth," rent it. You don't need to know anything about the series. And I know the previews for "Torchwood" can look silly. Trust me, it's terrific. Like "24" with aliens). Unlike U.S. adaptations that have gone awry, “Torchwood” fans can take comfort that the original producing team is on board. In addition to Davies, exec producers include Davies’ producing partner Julie Gardner (former head of d

" We Are The World" Part Two To Benefit Haiti

" We Are The World" Part Two To Benefit Haiti With the aftermath of the effects on Haiti looks like they will be re-recording the song " We Are The World" and recruiting the music industry's heavy hitters, to benefit the relief efforts. The duo is summoning lots and lots of talent from Grammy weekend to stay an extra night — Monday Feb. 1 — and come to the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. There, they will celebrate a quarter century since Ken Kragen, Richie and Michael Jackson organized the original “We Are the World” with Quincy. This time the artists invited include Usher, Natalie Cole, and John Legend. But you can bet that more names will be added shortly and that all the Grammy nominees and participants will be asked to come as well. Grammy producer Ken Ehrlich will produce the event, which will then be turned into a video and single just like it was in 1985. Don’t be surprised if Wyclef Jean joins in, along with Sting, Fergie, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake a

Clash of the Titans To Be In 3D

Clash of the Titans To Be In 3D Warner Bros. will decide in the next 10 days whether to release Louis Leterrier’s remake of action fantasy “Clash of the Titans” in 3D. Warners has ordered a 3D test of the film — set for release on March 26 -- and will screen the converted scenes next week before deciding whether to make the move. Studios across Hollywood are looking into possible 3D conversions in the aftermath of the big boxoffice bonanza called “Avatar.” With conversions, 2D films -- whether newly produced movies or classic titles slotted for release, such as the first two “Toy Story” pics -- are run through a process that turns 2D images into 3D. Most 3D movies, including “Avatar,” are shot in 3D from the start. Co-produced by Legendary Pictures, “Titans” is a re-imagining of a 1981 film that starred Laurence Olivier in the character of Zeus. The role is played by Liam Neeson in the remake, appearing opposing Sam Worthington’s Perseus in the mythology-based actioner. Releasing “Tit

D.J. Caruso To Direct “I Am Number Four”

D.J. Caruso To Direct “I Am Number Four” "D.J. Caruso is on board to direct “I Am Number Four,” DreamWorks’ adaptation of the upcoming young-adult science fiction book by James Frey and Jobie Hughes. “Four” revolves around a group of nine aliens who escaped their home planet just before it was annihilated by a rival species. Hiding out on Earth, the title character disguises himself as a human high schooler, only to discover he is being hunted still by his planet’s enemy. HarperCollins Children’s Books is publishing the book, which would be the first in a series of six, this fall. DreamWorks picked up film rights in June, with Michael Bay attached to produce and possibly direct. Bay remains on board as a producer along with Benderspink. “Smallville” creators Al Gough and Miles Millar wrote the screenplay. Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR

Brock Lesnar Healed And Ready To Return To UFC

Brock Lesnar Healed And Ready To Return To UFC As recently as early January, Brock Lesnar was convinced he needed surgery to deal with a case of diverticulitis – a condition that essentially left a hole in his intestine and put his career as Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight title holder in jeopardy. He might be out a year. Or it might be two. Or it might be forever. Instead, a series of doctor’s visits and tests have revealed what both Lesnar and UFC president Dana White described as a “miracle.” The big guy is healed and ready to return to the Octagon this summer, probably against the winner of the fight between Frank Mir and Shane Carwin in March. “Let’s be clear, I’m still the heavyweight champion,” Lesnar growled, in trademark fashion, on ESPN on Wednesday morning. There couldn’t be better news for the UFC and fans of mixed martial arts. Lesnar isn’t just apparently well again (although really, who knows if there could be a setback or another episode), but his return to

Iron Man's Secret Revealed, It's Not Such A Secret

Iron Man's Secret Revealed, It's Not Such A Secret There are so many superheroes in Hollywood these days that they're tripping over each other's capes, but director John Favreu has a secret weapon that will set the "Iron Man" franchise apart from the masked masses. Or perhaps it's better to think of it a not-so-secret weapon. "The fact that our hero has no secret identity -- that opens up a lot of things for us creatively," says Favreau, whose Marvel Comics character returns to the big screen on May 7. The high-flying franchise from Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures picks up right where the 2008 hit film left off: with billionaire Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) revealing his secret identity to the world in open defiance of every municipal code in Gotham City and Metropolis. It was a bit jolting but Iron Man is the first major Hollywood superhero to soar over Los Angeles and, well, the laws of publicity are different here. Favreau knows about

Heroes Should It Return For Season 5?

Heroes Should It Return For Season 5? This year the show has lost me and it has lost it core viewers. Never like the whole carnival theme of the show, and Peter being such a baby and Sylar not knowing who is he,Dam Your a cold blooded killer. Who really cares about Claire? We all have issues my dear. Oh, Heroes, it's been nice to know you! Despite talk that NBC is considering bringing Heroes back for a fifth season, it's not looking good! Apparently few people wanted to see Hiro battle his brain tumor, Sylar kiss Claire or Samuel try to woo the woman of his past in Monday's episode, "Pass/Fail," which hit a series low in the ratings. The show's ratings had been dropping gradually since the season premiered last September with about 6 million viewers, and there was a noticeable drop when new episodes began airing this year: under 5 million. But Monday's episode completely tanked and drew in fewer than 4 million viewers. That's a drop of about 2 million

Tyrese Gibson Talks Legion and Luke Cage

Tyrese Gibson Talks Legion and Luke Cage Tyrese Gibson, talks about his latest movie “Legion.” The film, opening in theaters nationwide on Friday, is about an “out-of-the-way diner” where battle ensues for the survival of the entire race. Interested yet? God sends a “legion” of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. Tyrese plays Kyle Williams, an innocent bystander that stops for directions at the wrong time, at the wrong place. He ends up getting sucked into the madness, and ends up fighting for survival. Tyrese credits having great agents to get him the role in LEGION. “I give my team love all the time,” he said. “They keep their radars out there for projects like this. Once Paul Bettany signed on to a Sony Screen Gems project, it was like, okay, this is like the heavyweight actor that’s classically trained in all of this stuff and coming off of the Da Vinci Code, it’s like, what’s this project that Paul Bettany has signed on to. Everybody was buzzing about it and then Charles Dutton and

New Tron Legacy Poster

New Tron Legacy Poster We brought you the first images of the upcoming movie Tron:Legacy in December . Disney has had a banner upon display on the corner of Santa Monica and Glendora. The poster is very hot expect for all the MTV advertisements on the poster. Sorry about that I could not find a High Resolution picture yet. TRON: LEGACY is a 3D high-tech adventure set in a digital world that’s unlike anything ever captured on the big screen. Sam Flynn (GARRETT HEDLUND), the tech-savvy 27-year-old son of Kevin Flynn (JEFF BRIDGES), looks into his father’s disappearance and finds himself pulled into the digital world of Tron where his father has been living for 25 years. Along with Kevin’s loyal confidant Quorra (OLIVIA WILDE), father and son embark on a life-and-death journey of escape across a visually-stunning cyber universe that has become far more advanced and exceedingly dangerous. Please Leave A Comment- Source- MTV

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Film Coming Soon

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Film Coming Soon If you've read a book in the last year, chances are it was one of Stieg Larsson's Millenium Trilogy , the insanely popular series of Swedish crime novels that has taken the world by storm. Well, the first of the books has been adapted for the screen, and now The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo has a new poster to premiere right here. The story, for those of you who don't read, focuses on two characters. Investigative reporter Mikael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist) has been convicted of libel and, his career in ruins, accepts an offer from a wealthy recluse to write a family history. Researcher and computer hacker Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace) agrees to help him - but her troubled past means that she has more serious problems than merely sorting through family records. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is out on March 12 here in the UK, followed by The Girl Who Played With Fire on September 10 and The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet'

Martin Luther King, Jr Film To Be Made By Dreamworks

Martin Luther King, Jr Film To Be Made By Dreamworks I feel that this film is way over due. With Hollywood coming out with so many bad movies and terrible remakes of older movies and Television shows. It's about time we get something with meaning. DreamWorks Studios announced today it's hired playwright and Academy Award-winning screenwriter Ronald Harwood to write the Martin Luther King, Jr. biopic. Overseeing the film are Mark Sourian and Holly Bario, Co-Presidents of Production for the studio, while, as previously announced, Steven Spielberg, Suzanne de Passe and Madison Jones will produce the film about the renowned civil rights leader. It's the first theatrical motion picture to be authorized by The King Estate to utilize the intellectual property of Dr. King to create the definitive portrait of his life. (Dr. King copyrighted his speeches, books, and famous works during his lifetime.) A native of South Africa, Harwood has long pursued themes surrounding race, conscien

Arnold Schwarzenegger Money Will Stay In California For Films And TV

Arnold Schwarzenegger Money Will Stay In California For Films And TV About $710 million in movie and TV production spending will remain in California this fiscal year because of production incentives passed a year ago, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger boasted Tuesday. The governor said 60 projects have thus far qualified, with room for more. Perhaps not so coincidentally, Schwarzenegger's announcement came shortly after New York Gov. David Paterson earned kudos from film and TV execs for proposing that $420 million a year be set aside so that his state can continue doling out production tax credits through 2014. Schwarzenegger even singled out "Important Things With Demetri Martin," a Comedy Central show that took advantage of incentives by relocating production from New York to California. Of the 60 projects that have qualified thus far, 26 began or completed production, adding 673 filming days in California, Schwarzenegger said. The remaining 34 are slated to begin productio

Chris Hemsworth and Sean Bean Looking For "Ca$h"

Chris Hemsworth and Sean Bean Looking For "Ca$h" By:John Meneghetti If you have watched the movie South Central then you know the work of Stephen Milburn Anderson. The film had to be one of the best movies that depicted the gang life in South Central LA. Still to this day I can remember O.G Bobby Johnson. Deuce Deuce (Hoover Street Deuces). And now he is coming back to the scene with the movie " Cash" Starring Chris Hemsworth(soon to play Thor) and Sean Bean(Boromir in The Lord of the Rings and National Treasure) I am very excited about this film, and I really hope it doesn't get lost in the mix. With no release date set just yet,let's hope it is not a straight to DVD film. A stroke of good luck turns lethal for Sam Phelan (CHRIS HEMSWORTH) and his wife Leslie (VICTORIA PROFETA) when they are faced with a life-changing decision which brings strange and sinister Pyke Kubic (SEAN BEAN) to their doorstep. As Pyke leads Sam and Leslie on a tumultuous adventure t

Jim Sturgess To Play Spider-Man In Reboot?

Jim Sturgess To Play Spider-Man In Reboot? Since Sony Pictures announced that they scrapped "Spider-Man 4" and has planned to make a reboot of the franchise without Tobey Maguire, several names have surfaced as the potential depicter of the titular character. Most recently, Jim Sturgess has been rumored to be among the line-up of contenders to star in the untitled Spider-Man reboot. The news was first brought into attention by The Hollywood News which noticed a retweet by "Adulthood" director Noel Clarke to British actor Arnold Oceng in which he mentioned that Sturgess has been offered the part in upcoming "Spider-Man" film. "Got inside track. jim sturgess has bin offerd the new spiderMan in spiderMan reboot, U knw I always get da inside scoop," Clarke wrote on Wednesday, January 17. Later, when asked by the site if the rumor is true, Oceng replied, "Of course it is." 28-year-old Sturgess made his breakthrough after playing Jude in 200

"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," To Film In Hawaii

"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," To Film In Hawaii The fourth installment of Disney's popular "Pirates of the Caribbean" series will be filmed in Hawaii. Johnny Depp will return to his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," which will begin shooting in the summer on Oahu and Kauai and be released in 2011. The film is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and directed by Rob Marshall. The announcement was made by Gov. Linda Lingle, who recently met with Disney president and CEO Bob Iger. Lingle's office estimates the production will generate $85 million in spending in Hawaii. "Pirates" is the latest of three big-budget films being shot in the islands this year. Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR

Gerard Butler Wants To Be A Machine Gun Preacher

Gerard Butler Wants To Be A Machine Gun Preacher Looks like Butler wants to show the world that he is more then a pretty face and muscle. We are told Butler wants the world to see him as a serious actor and not just eye candy While some actors would capitalize on a box office hit like Law Abiding Citizen by seeking the biggest payday in the marketplace, Gerard Butler is going a different way. He has teamed with director Marc Forster to tell the story of Sam Childers, a former drug-dealing biker tough guy who found God and became a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who've been kidnapped and pressed into duty as soldiers. Butler wants to play Childers in Machine Gun Preacher, which Forster will direct from a script he developed with screenwriter Jason Keller. After watching an NBC Dateline news story on Childers' crusade, producer Robbie Brenner and Keller tracked him down to secure the rights to his memoir Another Man‘s War: The True Story of One Man‘s Battle to

"Push" Heading To The Small Screen

"Push" Heading To The Small Screen Looks like Summit is developing a television version of the movie "Push." I thought that the movie was horrible rip off of the NBC show Heroes, and with the rating for Heroes dipping the last few years, don't really know if this show will have room to grow.Time will tell. Summit Entertainment released the moderately budgeted feature film Push on February 6, 2009. The film, directed by Paul McGuigan and starring Chris Evans, Dakota Fanning, Camilla Belle and Djimon Hounsou, went on to gross nearly $50 million worldwide. The film is currently available on DVD and Blu-Ray. Here is the Press release: SUMMIT ENTERTAINMENT AND E1 ENTERTAINMENT TEAM UP FOR TELEVISION VERSION OF HIT FILM “PUSH” Television Series Development and Production Marks Summit’s Evolution into Production for the Small Screen X-Men and Watchmen Screenwriter David Hayter to Write Pilot Script and Executive Produce with Dark Hero Studios Partner Benedict Carver Lo