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Adi Shankar's "In Service of Nothing" Bootleg PreViz

Adi Shankar releases another short film, this time starring James Bond. Story by Matt Cummings With SPECTRE releasing a character poster this week of a turtlenecked Daniel Craig, it actually wasn't the only piece of Bond-related news of note. Dredd producer Adi Shankar premiered another in his 'bootleg' short film series, which includes the ultra-violent (and ultra-awesome) Power/Rangers short . It was notorious booted off the web due to copyright issues, but soon found its way back, making an instant hit with over 13 million views. This time, he's tackled none other than James Bond in a 16-minute PreViz feature titled In Service of Nothing , directed by Tyler Gibb and produced by Shankar. From the way Gibb and Shankar portray Sean Connery (voiced by Christopher Gee), it's definitely reminiscent of a 60's Goldfinger style, that is until we fast-forward to an aged Bond reflected on his "past transgressions." Here, Bond is a man wi