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HBO Is Setting Records...

...Though, Not The Kind They Want By David Clark HBO has set back-to-back records with the latest Game of Thrones episodes. As one of the most popular shows on television it is no surprise to hear records are falling, unfortunately these particular records are quite concerning. Two weeks in a row HBO’s hit show managed to break piracy records. Over the course of 24 hours from the original air date episode five saw 3.22 million copies of the show pirated and episode six broke that record one week later with a reported 3.5 million acts of piracy. The numbers are astounding. HBO has always taken a somewhat quiet stance on piracy but these numbers are likely hitting someone’s radar. It should be noted the numbers are tracked and reported by Excipio and it does not include streamed piracy. The 3.22 and 3.5 million acts of piracy listed only pertain to actual downloads of the episodes. The numbers would be considerably higher if streamed piracy were to be included. A