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The Flash: New Hero & New Girlfriend?

Interesting Developments Inferred For Season 2 Story by David Clark To say season 1 of The Flash ended on a cliffhanger is like saying the Hulk is kind of green; understatement of the year right? It should be considered cruel and unusual punishment considering fans like us will have to wait until the fall of 2015 to find out what happens next. As if anticipation for the premiere was not enough, the latest news from this past week gives people even more reasons to be curious about what The Flash has in store. It is being reported that casting calls have gone out for two new roles. The first is for a new hero whose identity is yet to be revealed. The second is a new love interest for the scarlet speedster Barry. For everyone screaming that Barry can not have a new love interest, think about how season 1 ended. Yes, by all indications a combination of Barry and Iris - Biris or Irry - is pretty much a foregone conclusion. It was all but revealed by the Reverse Flas

#Arrow & #Flash #Superhero #FightClub Promotion

In this club, there are no rules. Watch this fan exclusive and get ready for the final episodes of The Flash and Arrow , beginning Tuesday and Wednesday at 8/7c Please Leave A Comment-

#THEFLASH All-Star Team Trailer

CW unleash this new all-star team trailer that suggests things are about to go down with Harrison Wells and the dark truth surrounding him, the trailer also suggests Felicity and Ray Palmer’s The Atom helping Barry. Please Leave A Comment-

'The Flash' Reveals Reverse-Flash Image

Tom Cavanagh raises the stakes in this promo image. Story by Matt Cummings Although CW's The Flash is on a Spring hiatus, fans have been treated to news aplenty, inclduing a spinoff . But the first-season story of the Scarlet Speedster isn't quite done, as fans await the final episodes, which will most likely deal with Barry Allen’s pursuit of time travel technology. As you know, this is the only way that his mother - who was killed in the opening episode - might be rescued. Standing in the way of that is Flash's nemesis Reverse-Flash, played by Tom Cavanagh , who also plays Barry's mentor Dr. Harrison Wells. This relationship is about to get a severe test, as recent trailers show that Reverse Flash announces his appearance to none other than his own Star Labs staff. How this will affect Allen and TeamFlash is yet to be determined, but today we took one step closer to seeing the epic battle play out. CW has released a nearly full-body image of Revers

5 Big Questions We Have About Reverse Flash

The release of Reverse Flash's costume has us asking tough questions. Story by Matt Cummings With the first quality image arriving on Friday of Tom Cavanagh as The Reverse Flash, reaction has been generally positive about the general direction which the show is headed. But questions have lingered all season about the motives of Reverse Flash/Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), all of which have bubbled back to the surface. With a lack of answers from CW, we dare to ask the 5 big questions about Reverse Flash and his future role. 1. Why is Wells helping Barry Allen? For reasons unbeknownst to us, the idea of helping the one person who is your mortal enemy to improve seems like a frankly idiotic plan. And yet, that is exactly what Wells and his team at Star Labs has been doing for most of Season 1. With Barry continuing to improve, why is Wells pushing his young protege only to fight him later. Is he hoping for a real fight this time? It's a question that only t

The Flash Movie To Be Darker And Edgier

The Flash Movie To Be Darker And Edgier Earlier this month scribe Marc Guggenheim who worked on Green Lantern live action movie with fellow screenwriters Greg Berlanti and Michael Green, revealed that they’ve turned in the treatment for The Flash and they already started discussions on Green Lantern 2 . Greg Berlanti, whose new directorial Life As We Know It will hit theaters in a couple of weeks, we have heard that the three of them have started treatment for Green Lantern 2 and started working on the script for The Flash. We are working on the treatment for the second film actually, we just started working on that with the same guys who I did the original with ( Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim ). Those two guys are also writing a script based on a treatment we wrote for ‘The Flash,’ so that’s my involvement with DC right now is the script for ‘The Flash’ and the treatment for ‘GL2.’” “‘GL’ is always a bit lighter than that on earth but mixed with a twinge of the space opera