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#OpenWindows Review. Hard To Stay Focused

Open Windows Review By: Suepafly Open Windows is a wild crazy ride, with a convoluted plot that gets more ridiculous as the minutes tick by. It’s ambitious and innovative, but ultimately between the split screen narrative and the heavy handed manner of storytelling it’s hard to stay focused on any one thing. The overstimulation and multitasking are more headache than they’re worth. The flick opens with ”an exclusive preview” of Dark Sky as our main character Nick Chambers ( Elijah Woods ) takes screen shots of actress Jill Goddard ( Sasha Grey ). The movie plays out in multiple screens to mimic a computer screen. It’s a completely distracting gimmick that is completely over utilized. Nick wins a contest to meet Jill, and interview her. He runs her fansite, and may be more than a bit obsessed with her. He’s very excited, but soon learns that the contest was cancelled by Chord ( Neil Maskell ) aka the evil British puppet master. Chord first appears to be one of the goo