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Movie Review: Digging for Fire

Marital mysteries are unearthed in lightweight indie. Review by Brandon Wolfe Tim and Lee (Jake Johnson and Rosemarie DeWitt) are a young couple with an adorable three-year-old son. Tasked with housesitting for one of Lee’s wealthy clients, the family takes up temporary residence in a luxurious home in the hills, a quiet respite where they can enjoy some peace, giving Tim the opportunity to tackle the family’s taxes free from distraction. Eager to shirk that tedious chore, Tim explores the woods adjacent to the house and finds a rusty old revolver and a curiously human-looking bone. He wants to grab a shovel to see what else might be buried out there. Lee just wants him to do the damn taxes instead of engaging in creepy amateur archaeology. She decides to take off for a few days to visit her parents and enjoy a much-needed night out with a girlfriend. She tells Tim to stay out of those woods. Fat chance. This is the setup for Joe Swanberg’s latest film, Digging for Fire , but don’