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Halloween 2 Movie Review

Halloween 2 Movie Review Review By:Chocolate Thunder Very good start to Halloween 2 . Rob Zombie directs and puts a gruesome, graphic spin on this movie. Cinematography is great, lighting is good, special effects is so-so. The direction of the film is also good. So whats the problem? The story! What is the likely hood that this dude who is a bred killer pass up a teen smorgageborge to seek out some lonely teen across town that is meaningless to the story. Also, the movie has Michael Meyers grunting and making noises of aggression. In the original the MM of that generation made no noise, just killed people. But I will say this about the movie, the graphic gruesome pics of violence makes this a must see. I actually jumped one time. As for a review I will say this is a matinee if you are a fan of the franchise, and the last Halloween Movie made. For all else DVD. I will give it 4 Sandwiches out of 10 Please Leave A Comment-