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Dead Man Down Review. How A Good Idea Goes Wrong

Dead Man Down Review By: MattInRC Does Dead Man Down establish itself as the next Donnie Brasco? Read our review to find out. Although the Collin Ferrell/Terrence Howard thriller Dead Man Down seeks to answer a fairly basic question of revenge, it's also a story about what happens when humanity gets in the way. Ferrell (Total Recall 2012) plays the Hungarian Victor, a strong arm for Howard's (Crash) Alphonse, who's recently been sent a series of strange letters and pictures. Alphonse's eyes have been crossed out of them, leading the drug lord to suspect that one of his competitors is gunning for him. What he doesn't know is that Victor is the secret admirer, via a tragic event that I won't share here, because it will be key to your enjoyment of the movie. Anyways, Victor soon has several distractions that could keep him from realizing his goal: his best friend and fellow thug Darcy ( Dominic Cooper , Captain America: TFA) is piecing together