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Top Gun: Maverick Review 'SPECTACULAR! Exceeded all expectations'

Movie Review: 'Meet the Coopers'

The depressing dysfunctionality of Love the Coopers grates early and often. Review by Matt Cummings The dysfunctional family holiday film is a genre I just can't like, no matter what you do with it. Ever since it arrived in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation , I've been hesitant to accept its amalgam cast of unlikable characters, thinly-written plots, and sickeningly quick happy endings. But the newest addition - Love the Coopers - sets new lows, quickly running aground with one of the most misused casts of the year. Told through the eyes of four generations, Love the Coopers stars Diane Keaton, John Goodman, Marisa Tomei, Alan Arkin, Ed Helms, Olivia Wilde, and June Squibb as thoroughly screwed up people trying to gather one last time for the holidays before the parents Goodman and Keaton announce their divorce. The sisters hate one another, the Grandfather (Alan Arkin) tries to connect with a secret (and much younger) love who eventually goes to some