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Rio 2 Review: Superficial Animated Entertainment

The only mildly entertaining Rio 2 give us little to dance about. WARNING: Major Spoilers Ahead!  Review by: Matt Cummings Our first experience with the Rio franchise was decidedly meh - we found the movie about a lost Macau to be decent but ultimately drab entertainment, failing to keep our attention after a very cute opening. It wasn't that we hated Rio , but we soon found ourselves diverted to our tablets and other entertainment while things on screen limped along. Rio 2 doesn't give us much to dance about either, settling in on a superficial story about the environment surrounded by somewhat enjoyable comedic skits. As Blu (voiced by Jesse Eisenberg) continues to adjust to life with Jewel (voiced by Anne Hathaway), he and Linda (voiced by Leslie Mann) move to Rio de Janerio. There, Linda and Tulio (voiced by Rodrigo Santoro) open a wildlife habitat, while Blu and Jewel deal with their three precocious children. Soon, these foursome learn about a habita

Battlestar Galactica Movie Gets New Life

The project at Universal is apparently moving forward.  By: Matt Cummings If you caught the SyFy run of Battlestar Galactica , you were treated to something special. Complete with graying loyalties and intense action, the series followed a race of humans defeated by the technologically superior Cylons. The series brought a grittiness and unpredictability that kept fans watching right up to the lame series finale in 2007. Apparently, someone took notice. According to multiple sources, Universal is developing a film reboot of the series, and have hired Transcendence writer Jack Paglen to script the screenplay. Paglen is also involved in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel for Fox that starts production this fall.  Transcendence  starring Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall opens on April 18th. Original Galactica creator Glen Larson will produce the reboot. While we're happy to see this happening in concept, we'll wait to hear about a director and cast before we render a j