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Reboot: Dirty Harry By Jonathan Cyfer

Reboot: Dirty Harry By Jonathan Cyfer We've seen a variety of franchises that have been "rebooted" lately or are soon to be rebooted, from Star Trek to Spider-Man , but there are a number of films that are generally ignored (perhaps a great number) and should be considered for a significant facelift. This isn't to say that every film or TV series that's 30 years old or older should be given new life and there are some idea s that should have never seen the light of day the first time. For instance, it's been suggested that a remake of the Don Knotts 1964 film The Incredible Mr Limpet be released, but having seen the original, I'd like to see this particular product given a pass. And while I'm sure many of you will enjoy the new Smurfs film out of a sense of nostalgia, the little blue guys (and one girl) really need to stay on the small screen (just look how horribly the very wonderful Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons were translated into film ).