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ABC has renewed AGENT CARTER series for a second season. ABC has also renewed MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. for a third season. Please Leave A Comment-

TV Review: Marvel’s Agent Carter “Now is Not the End” / “Bridge and Tunnel”

Read on for the review of the Agent Carter premiere. Marvel’s Agent Carter “Now is Not the End” / “Bridge and Tunnel” Review by Brandon Wolfe Out of all the characters that have appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’m not sure that Agent Peggy Carter would have been my first choice for a television spin-off. That’s not a swipe at Hayley Atwell’s steely American agent (with a British accent), who was perfectly fine in Captain America: The First Avenger , but this wasn’t a character that seemed to necessitate further exploration on an expanded canvas. Add to that the fact that Carter was landlocked from the rest of the active Marvel Universe due to her existence in the 1940s, making the opportunities for movie crossovers virtually impossible, or at least less significant (even Cap himself is frozen in her timeline and therefore unavailable for cameos), and it didn’t seem like a show about Carter would prove a fruitful endeavor toward Marvel’s hyper-synergistic approach

Spike TV Red Carpet Exclusive Interviews Part One

Spike TV Red Carpet Exclusive Interviews Part One I got the pleasure to interview Sully Erna from the Kick Ass Rock Band Godsmack I got a hold of Sully and asked him the most important question " What's Your Favorite Sandwich " It's got to be a steak cheese mushroom and onion sandwich,nasty greasy unhealthy sandwich, I usually eat healthy but when you have a few drinks in you nothing beats grease. I asked him what's been going on with the band He let me know that I look like one of his bus drivers, while he was on tour. I played along with it. Random but O.K. We had a few laughs about this, now onto the answer to the question above Working on a new record that comes out in April,released single a few months ago and went number one in country, just got of the crew fest and just working our ass off on this new album and then launch a world tour and crush it again. Next up Zack Ward From Such shows as Titus,Dollhouse,and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles