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Clips From Aquarius Episode 2 'NEVER SAY NEVER TO ALWAYS'

NEVER SAY NEVER TO ALWAYS (TV-14) Watch all the clips after the Jump... SHAFE AND CHARMAIN GO UNDERCOVER AND FIND THEMSELVES FACE TO FACE WITH CHARLES MANSON - Drug dealer Art Gladner (Shaun Duke, "90210") is found murdered, and the chief suspect is Shafe's (Grey Damon) snitch, Mike Vickery (Jason Ralph, "A Most Violent Year"). Hodiak (David Duchovny) agrees to help Shafe exonerate Vickery. In exchange, Shafe takes rookie Charmain Tully (Claire Holt) undercover into the Manson Family to find out where Manson (Gethin Anthony) has Emma (Emma Dumont). They succeed, but not without consequences, especially for Charmain. Michaela McManus, Brían F. O'Byrne, Chance Kelly ("Generation Kill") and Ambyr Childers ("All My Children") guest star. Please Leave A Comment-

TV Review: Aquarius

The truth is out there, man. Review by Brandon Wolfe David Duchovny has always possessed a unique presence for a star. Charismatic while perpetually monotone, funny while dry as the Sahara, Duchovny’s quirkiness and ability to engage are not impeded by his clinical, manbot exterior. On The X-Files , Duchovny found the perfect conduit for his skills in Fox Mulder, a character who, like Duchovny, had a square outer layer incongruously concealing the eccentric charmer underneath. That this suit-wearing stiff with the Ben Stein vocal inflection could also be a crackpot who believes in every paranormal anomaly under the sun summed up the strange juxtaposition inherent to the actor, that surprisingly smooth marriage of rigid and wild. In Aquarius , the new NBC crime series, Duchovny is handed a character that isn’t nearly as tailored to him as Mulder. He plays the awkwardly named Detective Sam Hodiak, a no-nonsense brute of a cop working the beat in 1967 Los Angeles. And though Duchovny