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Interview: John Beaton Hill Talks Wolves of Savin Hill, How It Was Making The Film & More

Interview By: Beevers John Beaton Hill recently walked away with the Chris Brinker award at the San Diego Film Festival for his crime thriller Wolves of Savin Hill – and with good reason, the film is terrific. We spoke to the Boston-born filmmaker about his De Palma-esque thriller, due for release next year. What is it about Los Angeles that lends itself to a good crime thriller story? The setting. Los Angeles is a fantastic and beautiful place and when it’s lit up at night there’s nothing like it. It has its own qualities. It’s also big, and in this way a person can find refuge even from himself. There’s a duality to Los Angeles that makes it both quite beautiful and alluring but also sinister. As a setting, it can make a film special. We looked for this in our film and I think we captured the city well. We were certainly thinking in this regard. How long ago did you set out to make the movie? How tough was it to get off the ground? Approximately two years ago we s