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Movie Review: 'The Walk'

The real life trip across The Twin Towers is only exciting at the end. Review by Matt Cummings The events of 9/11 are still fresh in my mind, as if my vacation-turned-nightmare to New York that week happened only recently. Perhaps it's my connection as my birthplace that keeps me anchored there, but to know it captured the imagination of so many is the only consolation I can take. Perhaps the most stunning of those was Phillipe's Petit's high-wire antics across the buildings in 1974, which is now the subject of a major motion picture. And while The Walk looks good on IMAX, its small and frustrating story derails the experience. When the French high-wire performer Phillipe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) learns that the massive World Trade Center Towers are about to become the world's tallest structure, he heads to New York City to cross them before they are completed. He takes the girlfriend Annie (Charlotte Le Bon) with him, seeking insight from an aging