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Movie Review: Woman in Gold

Truth, Justice, and The American Way. Review by David Clark Woman In Gold , a movie inspired by real life events, has a flavor to it that will appeal to some and that will push away others. Starring the ever popular Ryan Reynolds along with Katie Holmes, Helen Mirren, Tatiana Maslany, and Charles Dance, this movie has a lot of star power. At least, it would if the big name actors associated with this movie had the amount of screen-time that the viewing audience was expecting. Woman In Gold gives a bit of the old bait-and-switch between what the trailers show versus what the actual movie presents. For example, Katie Holmes is a name that might draw fans to this movie; however, she has about as many words in this entire film as she has in the official trailer. The same can be said for Charles Dance. Why enlist household names in a movie and then underutilize their talent? The roles portrayed by Holmes and Dance could have easily been filled by unfamiliar faces and it w

Inside the Bucket Podcast #7

On the show - which is quickly becoming an ad for Marvel Studios - Matt and Sandwich John are rejoined by guest Zak Sousa from ONEPERCASE.NET  The trio break down movie news from our site SANDWICHJOHNFILMS.COM, then Rant and Rave about Matt's love for FILMSCOREFOCUS.ORG and Marvel Studio's Movie Plan to 2028.  Finally, they review  Captain America: The Winter Soldier  and leak enough spoilers to fill...a bucket!  We've included links to all of the stories we covered - hope you enjoy another blast of male hi-jinks fueled by alcohol and tasty breakfast products! Thanks to everyone for your continued support, and we'll see you at one of our screenings. Please make sure to check out our website   and make sure to like us on  Facebook   and follow us on  Twitter ! Goonies II Movie Forward Godzilla Feature Top Gun 2 Marvel Films Through 2028?   A Netflix Guide to Captain America Dredd 2 Video Update REVIEW: Captain America: The Winter