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Blue Bayou Trailer Starring Justin Chon& Alicia Vikander

Douchebags Of 2009. The Top 10 List

Douchebags Of 2009. The Top 10 List Sadly the douchebag is still alive and well in America. They creep among us in a glaringly obvious way with their poor sense of style, over-inflated sense of self-worth, and all-round bad behavior. The problem with the douchebag is they’re not self-aware. They're so caught up in themselves they don’t realize they’re 100 percent douche..unless of course, we name them and shame them. 10. Christian Bale After the success of The Dark Knight last year it seemed Christian Bale could do no wrong. That all changed early this year when an audio recording was leaked of Bale screaming and shouting at Director of Photography Shane Hurlbut on the set of Terminator Salvation. The angry tirade had a psychotic Bale hurling a mountain of abuse at Hurlbut, swearing at him, and threatening him. Once released, the recording went viral and Bale quickly became the butt of endless jokes and parodies. Bale publicly apologized , saying the outburst was “inexcusab