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Movie Review: #TheGallows

The horror flick The Gallows finds multiple ways to hang itself. WARNING: Review contains spoilers. Review by Matt Cummings The Gallows is bad. I mean awful. But the worst part is that it didn't need to be. The low-low-low budget horror flick has a plot that sounds devilishly delightful, but its execution is hack, its character thoroughly unlikable, and its reveal serving as nothing more than a cheap money grab. On the 20th anniversary of an accidental hanging during a high school play, the teens Ryan (Ryan Shoos), Reese (Reese Mishler), and Cassidy (Cassidy Grifford) attempt to sabotage a revival of the production, only to learn that Ryan's crush Pfeifer (Pfeifer Ross) and her possessed mother have other plans. Although the three will eventually be hung, they fight to escape while unknowingly harboring the very thing which might have caused the original tragedy in the first place. Not since 2014's Tusk have I seen a film where I was actually rootin