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Never Say Never Extended Version In Theaters This Weekend Only

In an unprecedented move, Paramount's Insurge Pictures will release an updated director's fan cut of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never in a one-week exclusive run, beginning Feb. 25. I find this to funny, people who have already gone out and wasted X amount of money to see this film will have to cough up even more cash to see the newly edited film. So if you haven't see the film wait til this weekend to get your moneys worth.  Do you still have Bieber Fever? Be sure to check out our review of the film Here . Yes we have a review of the film. Director Jon M. Chu's updated version will play only in 3D runs in the U.S. and Canada, replacing the original version. There will be 40 minutes of new footage . Chu has trimmed 30 minutes of footage from the original Never Say Never to accommodate the addtional scenes. Updated version runs 115 minutes, instead of the original running time of 105 minutes. Move is designed to whip up renewed interest in the film among Bieber&

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Movie Review By: Isla & Cre

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Movie Review By: Isla & Cre There was no way in Hell I was going to see or even review this movie. So today we have guest reviewers for this film. Welcome Isla and Cre two 30 something young ladies that went out and saw this movie. Brave ladies. And here is what they thought of the film. First and foremost, everyone needs to set their preconceived notions about Justin Bieber and all the craze aside and give " Never say Never " a chance. With all the young singers out there today not setting the best example for our kids "their fans" this is a must see movie. The mastermind behind the movie is a genius. This is going to skyrocket his already bustling career! I predict an epic story for this young man suitable to be compared with some great artists like MJ and the Beatles . Honest! This documentary of his life gave us an inside look at a young man that is honest, humble, pure, loving and real! It brought tears to my eyes w

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Trailer

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Trailer This trailer and post is dedicated to my little buddy Jerry who attended the Justin Bieber concert on Friday night here is Sacramento,Ca. Paramount has released the trailer,  for the upcoming 3D concert movie Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Trailer, which was directed by Jon Chu . The Film will consist on unseen footage from when he was a child to the present day. It will also show you how the rise of Bieber and how it has taken over the world. Watch the trailer after the Jump.. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never opens February 11th, 2011 Please Leave A Comment-