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#Grimm Season 6, Episode 5: "The Seven Year Itch" Clip

AFTER BEING DORMANT FOR SEVEN YEARS A NEW WESEN IS UNEARTHED WITH A DEADLY HUNGER - Nick ( David Giuntoli ) and Hank ( Russell Hornsby ) join Wu ( Reggie Lee ) to investigate a bizarre murder in a local park. Elsewhere, Capt. Renard ( Sasha Roiz ) continues to deal with a ghost from his past. Meanwhile, Monroe ( Silas Weir Mitchell ) and Rosalee ( Bree Turner ) visit the doctor to see if Diana's (guest star Hannah R. Loyd ) premonition is true. Back at the loft, Adalind ( Claire Coffee ) finds a very weak Eve ( Bitsie Tulloch ) in the tunnels and mysterious drawings scrawled on the walls. Please Leave A Comment-

#Grimm S6E02 "Trust Me Knot" Clip

Hank ( Russell Hornsby ) and Wu ( Reggie Lee ) find a solution to stop Renard ( Sasha Roiz ) while Nick ( David Giuntoli ) is still on the run. Adalind ( Claire Coffee ) receives a phone call that throws her into the middle of everything. Back at the spice shop, Monroe ( Silas Weir Mitchell ) and Rosalee's ( Bree Turner ) adventure in babysitting takes an interesting turn when Diana (guest star Hannah R. Loyd ) demonstrates her power. Meanwhile, Eve ( Bitsie Tulloch ) and Trubel (guest star Jacqueline Toboni ) work to solve the mystery of the cloth found with the healing stick. NICK MAKES A PACT THAT COULD BE DEADLY - JACQUELINE TOBONI, HANNAH R. LOYD AND DANNY BRUNO GUEST STAR - Please Leave A Comment-