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Beverly Hills Cop 4 Huge Priority

Beverly Hills Cop 4 Huge Priority I for one would like to see this movie get fast tracked. On my top ten Favorite movies would have to be Beverly Hills Cop 2 . The third movie should be whipped out of all our memory. Horrible movie! Tired of Eddie Murphy making all these kids flick, I understand the pay checks are nice, But I would like to see him return to his old self with all the foul language and humor he once had. Director Brett Ratner discussed the risky business of integrating brands into movies Thursday at an Advertising Week event focused on "consumer attention in a media-saturated world." Using the example of his current "Beverly Hills Cop" project -- which Ratner said is "a huge priority for Paramount -- the director said that Eddie Murphy will need to drive a car in the film, and that he has to figure out which one. Rather than doing a deal with a car maker and trying to force its product into the story, Ratner said the process must work the oth