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MTV's Jersey Shore Premieres To Huge Numbers

Jersey Shore just keeps growing and growing. Last night's season premiere of the MTV reality series was the cable network's most-watched opener to date, drawing 8.8 million total viewers , improving 4 percent over the third season opener earlier this year. Jersey Shore also beat broadcast's top program, CBS' Big Brother , in total viewers (8.8 million vs. 7.3 million). Though last night's episode was a premiere high, a Jan. 20, 2011 telecast delivered a series best in total tune-in, averaging 8.9 million. That episode showed Snooki being released from jail and Deena meeting a Ronnie look-alike. The premiere episode, set in Italy, was also Jersey Shore's third most-watched telecast to date, behind two Season 3 episodes. In the persons 12-34 demographic, the Jersey Shore premiere scored a 8.2 rating, or 6.5 million viewers. Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR

Jersey Shore Season 3 Spin-Off

Jersey Shore To Return To Seaside The show keeps getting better and better with every episode. THR sat down with Jersey Shore co-creator and executive producer SallyAnn Salsano and got some interseting answer for Season 3 and a spin-off . The most dramatic ratings success story of the year, MTV’s “Jersey Shore” concludes its Miami-set second season tonight. Love it or hate it, no one can deny that “Shore” is a smartly produced pop-culture phenomena. In a chat with The Hollywood Reporter, co-creator and executive producer SallyAnn Salsano reveals that “Shore” will debut its third season sooner than you might think: The kids' return to Seaside, N.J. will premiere Jan. 6. And with cameras rolling for 55 days for the third round (compared with the first season’s 40), Salsano assures us there’s plenty of fist-throwing and hook-ups to come. THR: What’s it like to watch the ratings go up every week and beat broadcast shows? Salsano: There is no better feeling than when you get t

MTV's "Jersey Shore" Season 2 Teaser

MTV's "Jersey Shore" Season 2 Teaser Here you go little man, this one is for Jerry. (make sure you stop by his site for the best Beef Jerky in the world) and tell him Sandwich sent you. Guess who's back Bitchessss ! Those guidos and guidettes of the Jersey shore return for a second season. The show will premiere on July 29,2010 and it looks like they are holding nothing back.  And a surprise guest shows up. Hmmmm? A Situation for sure. Fist Pump!! If you want to watch the trailer after the Jump.. Fist Pump!!! Please Leave A Comment-

"Jersey Shore" Re-Enacts Scenes From Oscar-Nominated Films On "Lopez Tonight"

"Jersey Shore" Re-Enacts Scenes From Oscar-Nominated Films On "Lopez Tonight" Everywhere you look the cast of Jersey Shore is there. At red carpet events, to the Hollywood and Miami club scene. Now they have turned up on late night. Lopez Tonight has got the cast from the show to re-enact some scenes from Oscar Nominated films. Enjoy and Fist Pump. GTL baby. I am not sure how MTV feels about being the Nazi in this Situation. Fist Pump! Please Leave A Comment-

"Jersey Shore" Cast Getting Close To Signing

"Jersey Shore" Cast Getting Close To Signing The cast of "Jersey Shore" is currently on track to keep fist-pumping into Season 2. With MTV having stepped up its offer to $10,000 per episode, sources say negotiations have taken "a positive turn," though the deals are still not done. Agreements could be reached by the end of the week for a second round of MTV's breakout hit, whose cast collectively rebelled against the network's ridiculously low salaries for freshman performers (MTV's villainous-sounding "end of day" deadline that was widely reported Monday was supposedly hot air). MTV is eager to get the cast shooting a new season to air in late summer -- July or August. Please Leave A Comment - Source- THR

MTV's Jersey Shore Catching More Heat

MTV's Jersey Shore Catching More Heat MTV is getting more pressure to cancel its "Jersey Shore" reality show. The latest criticism comes from the New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus, which says the show promotes derogatory ethnic stereotypes and is "wildly offensive." In a letter sent Tuesday to the president of Viacom, MTV's parent company, caucus chairman Joseph Vitale asks that the show be immediately taken off the air. The state lawmakers also have asked advertisers to boycott the show, which focuses on eight tanned 20-somethings and their escapades in Seaside Heights, a popular New Jersey beach town. On Wednesday, a Viacom spokesman referred a request for comment to an MTV spokesperson, who did not immediately respond. MTV has said its intention is not to stereotype or offend. Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR

MTV's "Jersey Shore" Losing Advertisers

MTV's "Jersey Shore" Losing Advertisers I am an addict of reality shows and this one caught my eyes the other night. I could not believe people talk and act like this. But I didn't change the channel. I watched the entire show and want more. And so does my buddy Lil Jerry that is all he talked about at work today was this show. And I talked to Sandwichjohn staff member Hammer who is from Jersey and he confirmed there really are people like this out in Jersey. WOW. The ruckus over MTV's "Jersey Shore" is getting as intense as the hot-headed dramatics on the show. The controversial new reality series chronicling a spirited group of self-described "guidos" living in a New Jersey beach house has drawn protests of increasing volume from critics. Now it appears calls for a boycott are having an impact. The Italian-American group UNICO (the same group that protested HBO's "The Sopranos") has asked members to complain to MTV's adverti