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Ca$h Starring Chris Hemsworth

Win A Copy Of Ca$h Starring Chris Hemsworth Giveaway time my friends we have 2 copies of the Hit Film Ca$h and we are looking to give them away to you our loyal fans. There are a few simple steps to get entered into this giveaway. So good luck. To get a chance to enter the Contest all you have to do is: -Follow Sandwichjohnfilms On " Twitter " -Follow Sandwichjohnfilms On " Facebook " -Follow Ca$h on " Facebook " Email me here and let me know that you did two out of three and why I should give you a copy of the film. That simple. Winner will be notified on August 20, 2010 Lionsgate is proud to announce the DVD, Digital Download and On Demand release of Ca$h out this week. It's a twisted, exciting game of injustice and consequences when the power of greed takes over. Chris Hemsworth (lead actor in the upcoming Thor) stars alongside Sean Bean (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) and Victoria Profeta (P

Sean Bean To Star In Death Race 2

Sean Bean To Star In Death Race 2 Sean Bean who is starring in the upcoming film Ca$h is starring opposite Luke Goss in "Death Race 2," the prequel to Universal's 2008 Jason Statham starrer. Universal is putting out the feature, now shooting in South Africa, as part of its DVD Originals banner. "Smokin' Aces 2: Assassins' Ball" was the label's most recent release. Also in the cast are Lauren Cohan, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo and Frederick Koehler. Paul W.S. Anderson, who directed the 2008 movie, is producing with Jeremy Bolt. Roel Reine is directing. The prequel is serving as the origin story for the character named Frankenstein, a convicted cop killer (Goss) in a declining American empire where a racing reality show is about to be born in the country's corrupt prison system. Please Leave A Comment- Source- THR

The Film Ca$h Trailer Is Here

The Film Ca$h Trailer Is Here Ah what a day for us here at SandwichJohnFilms, get home from a hard day at work and a great workout and then we get this, the full trailer for the upcoming film Ca$h . And it is an amazing one for sure. Drama,action and great actors what more can you ask for in a film? I know, how about some cold hard Ca$h in your pocket. Eventful is running this awesome contest to get a Free screening in your town and for you to pocket $2,500 in cold hard Ca$h. Click HERE to enter. Also Stop by TheFilmCa$h twitter page and add them to your friends and we all know that if you have a twitter page you better have a facebook page and so does Ca$h , go stop by and check them out. Film Will Be out March 26th Please Leave A Comment-

The Film Ca$h Behind The Scene Of Film

The Film Ca$H Behind The Scenes Of Film Here's is a first in the series of podcast I will be bringing you about the upcoming film Ca$h. If you can not wait to see them all head over to The Film Ca$H Facebook page and check them out. This film is on my must watch for 2010 and can not Wait until we get an official trailer of the movie. I am a huge fan of the director Stephen Milburn Anderson and who doesn't love Sean Bean. And here's a quick fact Quick fact : CASH Producer Naveen was the first in the US to hire Chris Hemsworth, picking him up only 6 weeks into his move into the US. Now that is before Star Trek and his upcoming Film "Thor"So all you Marvel and Thor fans should thank Mr. Naveen for giving this young man a job. Enough for now. And make sure if your on Twitter to add them to you friends list. Here is a little tease of some " Behind The Scenes " of the film. Also demand the Film Ca$h in your city and win cold hard Ca$h. Roadside Attractions h

Ca$h The Film Demand It In Your City

Ca$h The Film Demand It In Your City This is on my list of upcoming films to watch this year. I love independent films, they are more about story then Ca$h. Get it. We as filmgoers need to support independent films like this one. It is an outlet for film makers and stars to tell a story that Hollywood might be scared to tell. The film stars Chris Hemsworth(soon to play Thor) and Sean Bean(Boromir in The Lord of the Rings and National Treasure). And the film is directed by Stephen Milburn(South Central) Anderson, one of the great directors. I am really hoping that this film gets the wide release that it deserves, but you never know with these smaller films. That is why Eventful is running this awesome contest to get a Free screening in your town and for you to pocket $2,500 in cold hard Ca$h. Click HERE to enter. And be sure to stop by The official Ca$h Facebook page and become a fan and let them know SandwichJohnFilms sent you. More news about the film to come later this week. Plea

Ca$h Has Found A Home And Ready To Roll Into Theaters

Ca$h Has Found A Home And Ready To Roll Into Theaters This is a good day for the folks over here at SandwichJohnFilms, being that Stephen Milburn Anderson is one of the great directors. And we really hope this films gets the treatment that it deserves with a great cast and film maker. Roadside Attractions has acquired the U.S. right to "Ca$h" the film will be hitting theaters on March 26th, I am hoping that it will get a large relase and not a selected theater in only the major cities. Lionsgate has acquired the the film for DVD. The film was produced and financed by Naveen Chathappuram, of Immortal Thoughts, with Prema Thekkek serving as Executive Producer. Media 8 Entertainment is handling international sales. If you have watched the movie South Central then you know the work of Stephen Milburn Anderson. The film had to be one of the best movies that depicted the gang life in South Central LA. Still to this day I can remember O.G Bobby Johnson. Deuce Deuce (Hoover Street De