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Reboot Ghost Rider! No Sequels! By: Jonathan Cyfer

Reboot Ghost Rider! No Sequels! By:  Jonathan Cyfer Make sure you Follow Jonathan Cyfer on twitter and read his blog The Missing Man . Nicholas Cage has made some terrific films and, at least at one point in his career, he was an engaging actor who brought a lot of edgy power to his roles. Ghost Rider (2007) was not one of his better roles or even an engaging film. I can't really lay the whole thing at Cage's feet. The film was badly conceived, badly written, badly directed, badly...well, you get the idea. I didn't like it. And I really wanted to like it. I have kind of a thing for 1970s fiction. Too bad this film missed the mark. I'm not a fan of "Satanic" comic books. It takes a very fine writer to blend the supernatural and superhero genres and most of the time, it doesn't play well. It also is a story that may be too rooted in its context. The original comic book character Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze first appeared in 1972, about the same

Iron Fist Movie Moving Forward With xXx Writer

Iron Fist Movie Moving Forward With xXx Writer Marvel Studios is moving forward on a live action feature version of Iron Fist , hiring screenwriter Rich Wilkes to draft a movie based on a martial arts expert whose battle with a dragon--ended when he plunged his hands through the beast's molten heart--turned his fists into indestructible weapons. Iron Fist was on the minds of many fanboys when Disney paid $4 billion for Marvel's 5000 superhero library and vowed to turn the less obvious comic book heroes into films and TV properties. Marvel tried to make an Iron Fist movie with Artisan nearly a decade ago, as a vehicle for X-Men villain and martial arts expert Ray Park . The Iron Fist comic book mythology was created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane in the 1970s, when the popularity of martial arts films was on the rise. Iron Fist was among a bunch of Marvel superhero properties scattered around Hollywood. While tent poles like X-Men, Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Fantastic Four and

David Goyer Is Going To Take On Ghost Rider Sequel

David Goyer Is Going To Take On Ghost Rider Alright, now I'm seeing a trend in superhero sequels. Batman got better, The Hulk got alot better, now this... Let's cross our finger. Columbia Pictures has begun to rev the throttle on a second installment of the Marvel Comics character “ Ghost Rider .” David Goyer is in early talks to create the story and supervise writers for a film expected to once again star Nicolas Cage , who played the highly flammable cyclist in the 2007 original. Through a spokesperson, Goyer said he hadn’t signed on yet. But plans are already under way to base the sequel on a “Ghost Rider” script written years ago by Goyer, whose superhero work includes hit screen transfers of DC’s “Batman Begins” and Marvel’s “Blade” franchise. The original “Ghost Rider” was scripted by director Mark Steven Johnson. The activity on “Ghost Rider” follows a flurry of activity on Marvel characters at almost every studio but Disney, which acquired Marvel Entertainment in a $4