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TV Review: Ash vs. Evil Dead "El Jefe"

Off to a groovy start. Review by Brandon Wolfe You might not realize it from the cottage industry of comics and collectibles that have sprung up around him in recent years, but Ashley J. “Ash” Williams, the wiseacre-buffoon hero portrayed by cult legend Bruce Campbell in Sam Raimi’s hallowed Evil Dead trilogy, has been MIA for a whopping 22 years. Raimi has made countless overtures throughout that fallow period about developing a fourth film, but apart from a pointless, one-second cameo at the end of 2013’s Evil Dead remake, Ash has taken a long, seemingly permanent siesta. So when he makes his long-overdue first appearance at the beginning of Ash vs. Evil Dead , the television sequel to the films, gyrating like a goon to Deep Purple’s “Space Truckin’” as he cinches a girdle around his bloated midsection, it’s not only a welcome sight, but a soothing one. This is Ash precisely as we remember him from Army of Darkness . A bit heavier in the belly and grayer at the temples, but the