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The Martian Chronicles Ready To Become A Film

The Martian Chronicles Ready To Become A Film Fox-based producer Jon Davis , who helped bring the world Alien Vs Predator and I Robot , has grabbed up the rights to Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles has apparently been optioned and  plans to turn it into a movie. The book, published in 1950, has been adapted for the screen before, albeit the smaller one: it was the source material for a miniseries that featured Rock Hudson and Bernadette Peters. Now, though, with Avatar’s after effects (not to mention profits) pulsing through executives’ veins and budgets, you’ve got to figure Fox might just leap at the idea of bringing Bradbury’s effective prose to cinemas. Chronicles charts various human journeys to Mars and the interactions they end up having with the natives, not all of them friendly. But while the writer layered in a healthy subtext of philosophical curiosity, we’re not sure that would survive the translation into a movie. Please Leave A Comment- Source- LATimes