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Are The Wonder Twins Coming To Smallville ?

Are The Wonder Twins Coming To Smallville Season Nine Well the Rumor is that they will be appearing in The fifth episode Smallville. The two characters that many are suspecting will be the Wonder Twins - Zan and Jayna.Is Gleek going to make an Appearance too? David Gallagher will be playing the role they are casting as "Tanner" which many are expecting as a code for "Zan." Gallagher is best known to WB/CW viewers as "Simon" on the long-running 7th Heaven. Allison Scagliotti , who recently appeared on Warehouse 13 and includes One Tree Hill and Drake & Josh among her past credits, will be playing Twyla - er, Jayna.. The ninth season of Smallville premieres Friday, September 25 on The CW. The season's fifth episode, "Idol," airs in late October.