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Movie Review: Blair Witch

Sequel can't see the forest for the trees. Review by Brandon Wolfe WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD The phrase “lightning in a bottle” gets tossed around so often that it’s long since lapsed into musty cliché, but that truly is the best descriptor to apply to 1999’s The Blair Witch Project . That microbudget indie sensation had an immensely transformative cultural impact. It singlehandedly created the modern found-footage horror subgenre, further popularized by Paranormal Activity and its ubiquitous brethren. It still stands as one of the most successful independent films of all time, as well as, for a time, the single most profitable film ever made, from a budget-to-gross perspective. It shook up the horror genre at a time when Scream clones were the law of the land. Hell, it even essentially invented viral marketing, with its elaborate, mythology-building website. But the true legacy of The Blair Witch Project lies with its scrappy ingenuity, its canny ability to weave a spooky c